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Download our pdf manual to really get to know your OLFI one.five black action and lifestyle camera.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Olfi app to your smartphone or tablet. This is available for both iOS and Android. With your Olfi one.five powered on and in a video or photo mode, press the up settings button to activate Wi-Fi. You will then need to connect your mobile device to your Olfi using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings. You will notice that your Olfi acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot (it will not provide an internet connection). Open the app and you can now control your Olfi.

Power up your Olfi and head over to the main menu using the power/mode button. Scroll through the icons using the up/down settings buttons until you reach the “Remote Control” symbol. Use the shutter button to enter. Press the down settings button to select “On” and confirm by using the shutter button. Next, select “Remote Control Pairing” by using the down settings buttons and confirm with the shutter. The screen will prompt you to press both the record and photo buttons on the remote simultaneously. Once you have completed this, the camera will confirm that the remote is connected. You can now return to your desired shooting mode. If you are having difficulty, confirm that the remote lights up when a button is pressed. If not, the remote battery may be flat. This can be changed and uses a watch style battery.

On the under side of the waterproof remote control, there are 4 small rubber looking circles. With your craft knife, gently lift the rubber covers. Underneath there will be small screws. Using your screwdriver, unscrew these screws to remove the back door. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

*However, when putting the back door back on, ensure you line up the 3 points on the back door and the battery compartment, to ensure that the door goes on easily. When you’re all done, the rubber covers you removed at the start should just sit back in place when everything is put back together – just ensure you tamp them down.

You can check your camera’s current firmware version in the setup menu. Download the latest version – click here.  For a step by step video of how to update and check your firmware version watch the video tutorial above on firmware.

Yes, your Olfi has a dedicated car mode. This can be accessed via the main menu.

please watch our in depth video and photo settings tutorials.

A video-lapse takes the work out of creating a great time-lapse video. When shooting a normal time-lapse, your camera produces a photo every X seconds. To play these back as a sequence or video, you need to learn how to edit, and this can take time or be over complicated for your needs. This is where videolapse comes in to its own. A videolapse automatically creates a video from a sequence of images taken every X seconds. You can choose your resolution and frame rate too. You can treat this as a super fast motion video, ideal for sunsets etc.

This symbol indicates that you have Gyro Stabilisation turned on.

This indicates that you have distortion correction turned on. This helps to reduce the fisheye effect produced by your Olfi’s ultra wide angle lens.

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In the Default settings with a new battery, you can get up to 1 hour and thirty minutes of footage if the ambient temperature is right and you’ve not enabled any of the extra settings which can be found in the Setup menu or Quick Menu.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If your camera is not reaching this, the first thing to do, is to fully charge your battery (If new, charge for 6-8 hours. If existing, charge for up to 4 hours only),put a u3 Ultra Fast memory card inside your camera, turn your camera on, go into the Setup menu, scroll up to Default setting and select. Then, put your camera somewhere in your house (which isn’t too cold or hot) and start recording. You should, with a relatively new battery, get Up to 1 hour and thirty minutes recording time. If you do, you know that your reduced battery life is to do with your settings and/or the atmospheric temperature.

Please note: enabling Wifi, Increasing your Resolution, Increasing or enabling the settings which can be found in the Quick menu and Settings menu (Gyro, Distortion Correction, Bit Rate, Quality etc) will reduce your battery life. The more settings you enable, the less time your camera will record for.

Screensaver: Unless you’ve altered the Screensaver/Sleep Mode setting in the Main Setup Menu of your Olfi one.five, your Olfi screen will go to sleep (turn black) after 1 minute. If you’re already recording, it’ll carry on as normal but the screen will be black – the light on the top of the camera will still be flashing to signify it’s recording. If you want to see what’s going on, just press any button on the camera to wake it up. You won’t cause it to stop recording, it’ll literally just wake it up for you! If your camera is simply on, and not performing a function, you need to wake it up by pressing any button on the camera before pressing the record button (or it won’t start recording).

The app may quit expectedly if you have errors on your memory card.

If you have corrupt files, delete or fix these before connecting your Olfi to the App.

If you haven’t got corrupt files, your memory card may just need a format to get working properly again. Connect your SD card to a computer and transfer all the files from your memory card. Format your card and then try reloading the files back onto the card to transfer to your phone or tablet

Also, using your memory card in another device, other than the Olfi can cause the App to quit if you haven’t formatted (deleted files) your memory card inside your Olfi after using it in another device first. This is because the App looks for particular file structures on a memory card. Extra files may confuse the App and cause it to quit.

Turn Off: Check out your Settings in the Setup Menu. In default mode, your camera is set to go off after 3 minutes of inactivity. So if you’ve not touched your camera for 3 minutes, your camera will go off. You can alter this obviously. You can even ensure your camera never goes off with inactivity – at the expense of your battery life, of course!

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