Surf bundle

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This bundle includes the one five black action camera + floater back + mouth piece + surfboard mounts + free 64GB micro SD card

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What’s included:

The Olfi one.fice black action camera: (includes a 64GB micro SD card and reader)
Films up to 4k resolution and takes 16MP photographs. Its waterproof housing/case allows for underwater recording up to 30m.
It has an underwater mode as well to help with colour correction and you can shoot in slow motion, loop recording, burst mode and more. Capture those barrels and all of your water adventures.

The floater back:
The Floater is the perfect accessory for anyone venturing out into open waters. In the unlikely event that you drop your camera, this bright floater will give your camera visibility and buoyancy whilst you go and retrieve it.

Not only is this accessory great for watersports, it’s super easy to spot in the snow or bad light. This accessory comes with a spare detachable waterproof back door and two super sticky adhesive pads (of different sizes) so that you can attach it to the front or back of your waterproof case.

The mouth piece:
A scuba style mouth piece, allowing the user to record from a handy point of view without using their hands. Its great for handsfree surfing, body boarding, supping, and most watersports.

Your POV is wherever you are looking, and the placement of the Olfi on a mouth mount means you can see your feet, the front of the surfboard, and your moving hands – truly immersive! *Always be careful when using a mouth mount in water!

The surfboard mounts:
Attach your Olfi to surfboards, standup paddle boards, sea kayaks, boat decks etc. The adhesive sticky pads provide maximum adhesion 24 hours after mounting, and with the addition of the included tether for greater security, you can go out in the surf with confidence after a bit of standard prep. The Surf pack also includes an FCS compatible male plug to mount your camera using an FCS centre fin socket.


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