Suction Cup Mount

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Mount for curved surfaces

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  • Mount to Smooth or even slightly rough surfaces
  • Suitable for slightly curved surfaces
  • Perfect for in-car or car body mounting

1. Remove the protective plate and plastic film from the base of the cup.
2. Lift the tightening arm
3. Place the suction cup on a clean, even surface (ensuring the jelly suction on the cup is clean and free from debris)
4. Apply light pressure to ensure full adhesion.
5. Push the tightening arm down (to create the vacuum)

To Remove:
1. Lift the tightening arm to release the suction,
2. Using the tab, gently lift the suction cup
To Clean:
If you find that your suction cup is losing its ability to grip, clean the suction jelly in warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth.


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