Abseiling Adventure

Arguably one of the most iconic locations along the Garden Route, Robberg Peninsula is one of 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in South Africa thanks to Nelson Bay Cave and its insights into the origins of early human life dating back to some

125 000 years. A visit to Robberg Peninsula is likely to leave any visitor in absolute awe of the scenery and all the natural wonders it plays host to. From vantage points along the cliffs that circumvent the 11km peninsulas coastline, visitors are likely to encounter an array of awe inspiring sea, land and birdlife including;

Great White Sharks, White Breasted Cormorants, Rock Hyraxs, the Rhombic Night adder and Cape Fur Seals that number around 6000 in a colony that inhabits the shoreline.

The rock formations along the Peninsula (dating back to 120 million years ago) not only provide us with insights into lost Jurassic periods of our natural history and proof of the super continent Gondwana, but also an opportunity to enjoy abseiling 40 meters down the cliffs thanks to a group of “thrill seekers” and Cape Nature. Taylor Leonard an upcoming and very enthusiastic abseiling guide (pictured above) had this to say about the Robberg abseiling experience; “Spending time on Robberg abseiling is an absolute privilege. I arrive feeling excited each day and leave feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated thanks to the beauty and energy that surrounds you here. I love capturing it all with my Olfi and reliving the experience when viewing the videos when I get home.”

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