OLFI South Africa Action Camera

Richard Kivett on Storms River with his OLFI camera.

OLFI camera at the Storms River tubing

Tubing Adventure

The majority of rivers in South Africa begin their journey to the coast as narrow streams that converge to form wide river mouths as they meet with the ocean, but as you venture down the Storms River flowing into the first declared marine protected area on the African continent, it becomes apparent that the river narrows rather than widens as it reaches the coast. Some sections of the river are as narrow as two and a half meters wide, running through the hundred and ten meter high canyon. When you reach this section of the river (as seen in the images above), the sunlight is concealed, creating dark passageways that seem to lead into the unknown, adding excitement to the exhilarating six hour tubing expedition.

Flowing through the beautiful Afromontane forests of the Plaatbos Reserve, Goesa Reserve and the world renowned Tsitsikamma National Park, you cannot help but feel inspired by your natural surroundings and how the Storms River has transformed this majestic landscape full of wildlife including the likes of Honey Badgers, Caracal, Genets, an array of birdlife and more along the river bank. Richard Kivett (pictured above filming with his Olfi camera) has experienced more than his fair share of adventure and danger over the years along the river and had this to say: “There is always something new to learn, capture and experience in the canyon. The river commands your respect at all times and if you listen carefully, she will provide you with an experience that you will never forget.”

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